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Lupa Media Player

Lupa Media Player

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Loop Mode.

It should have always been this simple. Just insert the USB drive with your video into the LOOP port and turn on. Lūpa will automatically find your video and play it continuously until you turn it off. 

No more menus, remotes, keyboards or distracting loading icons when your video loops. 

Sync Mode.

Want to sync your videos across multiple displays or create a video wall? Lūpa will save the day. Say goodbye to expensive hardware with complex setup software, giant computers with multiple graphics cards, or worse, just faking a sync by pressing play at the same time!

All you need is one Lūpa per display, each loaded with their own video! Lūpa requires no setup, just insert your USB drive into the SYNC Port. Lūpa will automatically connect to any other players it’s connected to via its network cable and play its video back in sync with the other Lūpa's.

It’s seriously that simple. Plug it in and it syncs.

As Many Screens as you Want.

Lūpa has no limit to how many other Lūpa’s it can stay in sync with. You can have as many displays as you want, simply connect one Lūpa to each display.

As long they’re all connected together via network cables, Lūpa will do the rest. Lūpa supports the majority of network switches and routers.

High & Standard Definition Video. 

Lūpa is designed to playback H.264 MP4 videos as well as a variety of image formats. It supports files of any length or data size, so there is no limit to the length of video you can play.

It outputs crystal clear high definition video from its HDMI port, or standard definition video for older devices from its analogue port.

Industry Standard Codec Support.

We picked the H.264 MP4 codec, the standard for efficient and high quality video playback in professional environments and its broad support in the majority of video editing software you use. 

Take the guess work out of exporting. Download our export presets for all the major video editing software available, so you are never more than a click away from exporting your video for Lūpa. 

If you want to use your own settings, Lūpa will be able to play your video as long as its H.264 MP4.

Videos of any Size or Length.

Wave goodbye to that annoying 4GB file limit! Most media players only support FAT32 drive standard that was created in 1996 when we didn’t have high definition video on our computers, let alone play them from a USB drive.

Lūpa supports the more modern exFAT format, meaning you can play files of any length or data size. You no longer have to sacrifice video quality to get your file to fit on a USB drive.

We created a handy guide to help you make sure your video and usb drive are ready for Lūpa.

Low Power.

Lūpa is powered by Raspberry Pi, so its incredibly power efficient. You can power Lūpa through a USB port built into your projector or display using Lūpa's microUSB power input. Think about it, just one power cable going to your display device is enough to also use Lūpa.

If you power Lūpa this way it will automatically switch on and off when your projector or display does. Your daily routine just got a whole lot easier.

Audio Out of Everywhere.

You won’t be playing guessing games with ports again. Lūpa always outputs stereo audio from its 3.5mm analogue port and digital audio including surround sound via it's HDMI Port, at the same time. 

Whether your display has its own speakers, or you want to plug some into Lūpa, you will be ready. 

Magnets Make it Easy.

Lūpa was designed to save you time and be installed fast. Magnets embedded in the 3D printed case allow you to attach Lūpa to any metal surface behind your display device. It's rock solid, so you can put away the gaffer tape.

Lūpa comes with everything you need; power adaptor, cable, HDMI and a network cable.

We Haven't Forgotten the Pro’s.

For professionals and advanced users who are after more flexibility, Lūpa has you covered. We designed an advanced settings system as simply as possible, so you can stop hunting menus with remotes and keyboards. 

With advanced settings, you can change the resolution and refresh rate, adjust over-scanning, turn on standard definition video via the analogue port and adjust audio volume.

Advanced Features, Easy System.

Lūpa has a simple advanced settings system, all you have to do is input the settings you want to change on our website, download the settings file and then drop it on the USB drive with your video.

When you insert your USB drive with your settings, Lūpa then reads your changes and automatically applies them.

Whats in the Box?

▸ Lūpa Player
▸ USB Power Adaptor
▸ Micro USB Power Cable (100cm)
▸ HDMI Cable (50cm)
▸ Ethernet Cable (100cm)

Tech Specs.

Lūpa Hardware

Processor900 MHz Broadcom BCM2836, Cortex-A7
Video OutHDMI, Analogue Video (shared with audio jack)
Digital Audio Outvia HDMI
Analogue Audio Outvia 3.5mm headphone jack
Power Consumption5V @ 300-800mA via micro USB port.
Power Supply5v @ 2 Amps. 110 - 220v European, US, UK and Australian power plugs available.
Supported Display
480p@60Hz, 720p@60Hz, 1080p@60Hz, 1080i@60Hz, 576p@50Hz, 720p@50Hz, 1080p@50Hz, 1080i@50 Hz, 640x480@60Hz, 800x600@60Hz, 1024x768@60Hz, 1280x768@60Hz, 1280x800@60Hz
Raspberry Pi ModelRaspberry Pi 2 Model B
Case Material3D Printed PLA+ case with acrylic laser cut lid.
Hardware Dimensions & Weight95mm (L) x 62mm (W) x 29mm (H), 128 grams. 

Compatible Video Files

Video Sizeup to 1920 x 1080
Frame Rates23.976 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 frames per second
Video Container.MP4
Video CodecH.264
Video Max Bitrateup to 25mb/s or 25000kb/s
Analogue Audio OutAAC or MP3 audio
Audio Max Bitrate320kbp/s

Order Information & Wait Times.

We ship orders out weekly. Order before Friday and your player(s) will ship the following Monday. Please contact us if you have any questions before you order.
▸ Your power plug shape will be based on the standard used in the country the order is being shipped to. If you would like a different plug please contact us within 24 hours of ordering. We only stock European, US, UK and Australian power plugs so if your country does not use any of these shapes, we will send you an Australian power adaptor, unless requested otherwise.
▸ Require a quote, purchase order or pay via direct deposit? Contact us with the details of your order and we can generate an invoice or quote for you.
▸ We offer discounts on orders of five or more. Contact us to arrange to a bulk discount. 

Shipping & Sales Info.

▸ Lūpa is assembled and shipped from Sydney, Australia.
We ship to over 230 countries!
▸ Shipping is calculated during checkout, before you confirm your order. Depending on your location shipping time may vary and will be indicated during the checkout process.
▸ All shipping is tracked and you will be provided with tracking information once your order has shipped.
▸ Please note that a signature may be required for delivery. We recommend providing a delivery address where someone is available to accept the parcel during business hours from 9am to 5pm, such as a work address.
▸ For orders placed within Australia, GST is included in the sale price. 
▸ For international customers, duties and taxes are assessed by your local customs authority upon importation and are the responsibility of the customer. These taxes and duties are not included with your purchase.
▸ We offer a no questions asked 7 day return policy if you are not happy with your Lūpa. Return shipping is at buyers expense. Date calculated from day shipment was received.