Loop Mode

Lūpa makes looping your video easy. Simply plug in the cables, load your H.264 MP4 video onto a USB drive, plug it into the LOOP port and you’re good to go. Lūpa will then boot up, find your video automatically and continuously loop your video until you turn it off.

In This Section:

Loop Mode Configuration

There are two USB ports on the front of Lūpa that tell the device which mode you wish to use. The LOOP mode is on the left and is labeled with the LOOP icon.

Please refer to the diagram above for how to plug everything into your Lūpa with LOOP mode. It’s highly recommend that you plug everything in, turn on your display device, and then power on your Lūpa. The micro USB cable that is supplied with Lūpa contains an inline switch to make powering Lūpa on and off easy. 

Once you turn Lūpa on, the Lūpa logo will appear for up to 30 seconds as it boots and then plays your video. If there is something wrong with your setup, Lūpa will inform you of the problem, and provide a solution using its intelligent onscreen help.

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Seamless Looping

In LOOP mode, Lūpa is able to play your video as a ‘seamless’ loop. This means there is no black screen between each loop. The only caveat with seamless looping is that there is a slight ‘pause’ in the video before it loops. The last frame of your video is repeated for 100m/s, meaning if you have movement between the last and first frame of your video, then it will seem like your video paused for a brief moment. 

For most applications however this is not noticeable, for example; your video contains an empty room, a person walks into the frame, then leaves again, leaving it empty and identical to beginning of the video. In this case your audience would not notice the pause due to the start and end frame looking the same.

If you do not wish to use seamless looping then please add a black screen to the end of your video at a length you would prefer.

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LOOP mode is also able to display a collection of images in a simple slideshow style format. Each image will appear on screen for 10 seconds before displaying the next image on your USB drive. Lūpa is able to display images in JPG or PNG format. If you wish to display just one image, Lūpa will just show this image continuously until you turn it off.

You can use images of any size, but it’s recommended that you format your images as 1920x1080 to maximise image quality and screen size. If you would like a particular order to your images then please add ascending numbers to the start of the file name on your USB drive as three digits, for example: ’001 Filename.jpg’, ‘002 Filename.jpg’ etc. This will organise the files in an order that Lūpa can understand.

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